Dave is getting willing to go to sleep and putting his pyjamas on when this fellow realises that there’s a damaged spring in the mattress. He scrambles underneath the daybed to investigate just as Alysha, Emma, Syren and Vivian walk in. They ask him what this chab is up to and Emma jumps on the ottoman which pins him to the floor. This guy asks them to let him out but Alysha has a score to settle with him after this chab sneaked on her to her ex-boyfriend that she was cheating on him. See the trailer here to see how Alysha threatens to tug his pyjamas down if he doesn’t say sorry to her and when this chab refuses that babe pulls them down and all the girls have a great laugh at his 10-Pounder. The gals start prodding at it with their fingers and chatting about the size and they laugh hysterically as it suddenly starts to grow. They start taking it in turns to jerk off his penis and even pour hand sperm on it. With four cuties masturbating his jock, Dave loses control and shoots everywhere covering Emma and Vivian’s arms!

Trapped Underneath The Couch from PureCFNM

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