Lingerie Shop from PureCFNM

Rodney has gone to the underwear shop to buy his wife a gift. He isn’t sure what size she’s and when leggy shop worker Cleo suggests this honey could model some of the pieces for him this guy leaps at the opportunity. As she puts on the first underwear set this mate spies on her in the changing room and starts playing with the bulge in his panties. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when store owner Wendy and another female customer see him in the behave. Cleo is really livid and decides they have to see if this fellow likes being stared at while he’s nude. The 3 gals force him to the ground and undress him before Cleo sits on his face and they begin each having a go to play with his weenie. The scent of her fresh pussy soon pushes him beyond the limit and he ejaculates all over the place before they throw him out the shop!

Although this mate gonna spy on a consummate naked girl’s figure, this stud got the tables turned and was stripped and milked by the exact females this stud was spying on! He didn’t seem to mind having a twat pushed in his face while his ramrod was being jerked though as his big ball cream eruption shows! And can you believe this boy is just a standard member of PureCFNM and not a porn chap – what a fortunate cunt!

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