Nursing Home from PureCFNM

Ex bank manager Robert Smythe is living out his days in a convalescent home. With no relatives, the care assistants are circling him like vultures trying to take themselves into his will. As he rests in his room, nurses Emma and Paige stroll in to work their charms on him. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as they move around him and unintentionally let him look up their uniforms and down their blouses. They then pull back the sheets to perform a sponge bath and find a giant stiffie! As Smythe says sorry, the nurses comment on how momentous it’s for an elderly man to be capable of such a solid erection. They begin jerking off it and this dude is in ecstasy – particularly when both babes start to give him oral as well. Having two mouths pleasuring his dick gets him really aroused and he quickly ejaculates all over himself making the chicks believe they have at last got their hands on his money!

This fortunate old git got his weenie sucked by two hot nurses. This dude wasn’t aware that they were simply doing it to get his money but he didn’t care as this boy-friend had two nice-looking girls sucking him! Or did the sweethearts merely take advantage of this unfortunate old guy in his hour of need? They clearly seemed knocked out with his rod and couldn’t wait to put it in their mouths! If you love watching clips where nice-looking ladies take advantage of naked chaps then head over to PureCFNM now!

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