Carly and Sasha have replied to one of our posts for new gals. Unfortunately it appears they weren’t aware what CFNM was so when they turn up for their first audition, production manager Simon has to try to explain it to ’em. The lusty young man decides rather than talk them through it he might as well demonstrate it to them so as they look dazed and then amazed this guy undresses and flashes his naked body to ’em. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as the chicks can’t believe they are staring at his dick and get even more amazed when he starts wanking right there and then. They haven’t run out though so Simon goes to the next stage and asks ’em to put their hands round his weenie and have a turn themselves. The hotties appear to begin getting into it very quickly and are soon wrestling over who gets to jerk it next. As they carry on playing with his cock this guy shoots all over their hands and the floor and 2 more beauties are convinced about the world of CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH!

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