Hunky Bartender from PureCFNM

Three girls arrive at the local bar for a night out and immediately take a fancy to a hunky new bartender. They find he’s foreign and plot together to take advantage by telling him that there is a ladies night on tonight and therefore this guy is supposed to walk around nude. He refuses but Hannah isn’t accepting no for an answer and comes round to his side of the bar and begins undressing him. See what occurs as the beauties are very sexually excited by his toned body and young, virile dick. They make him wank for ’em while they admire his technique but then it dawns on ’em that the other customers will arrive soon and order him to make his hard on go down. This fella tells them that once his ramrod is stiff it stays erect and the ladies decide the only option to get it to go down is to relieve him. They get him on top of the bar and each have a go at jerking off his rock solid dong until this boy-friend suddenly ejaculates all over Hannah’s arm!

This young boy wasn’t accustomed to beauties treating him like a sex object and his dick was rigid from the second his pants came down! It’s not surprising that this guy ejcaulated all over their arms and couldn’t control himself! If you would like to be in his shoes – undressed and wanked by a group of charming hotties – then head over to PureCFNM to find how you could get involved in one of their episodes. They are the only Clothed Female Naked Male site that really lets members take part!

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