Cate, Maisie and Rachel are having a game of pool in an empty bar but one of the men sitting at the bar keeps “tutting” and making comments about how crap they are. After a scarcely any more comments Cate has sufficiently of his rudeness and asks him to put his money where his face hole is and challenges him to a game – if this dude loses this chab has to do whatsoever they say and vice versa. The boy is quite sure this chab isn’t gonna lose so acquiesces and starts the game. Unfortunately for him Cate has been hustling him and is truly a awesome player and that babe easily clears the table and wins the game. See the trailer here to see what happens when the amazed lad is then said to undress bare so the cuties can giggle and stare at his ramrod. They poke him onto the table and begin jerking off his shlong and comparing it to the pool cue. They embarrass him for being defeated by a woman but as they continue to jack off his dick and fondle his testicles this chab erupts all over his abdomen and their hands. The girls laugh their heads off and then walk out leaving him there naked on the table.

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Pool Table Bet from PureCFNM

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