Renee, Jools and Lacey are trying to track down their real dad, having been adopted from an early age. Their intimate investigator has tracked a suspect down to his home address and the girls trick their way into his abode pretending that their car has broken down and they receive to use the phone. As they pretend to wait for the tow truck, Jools inadvertently knocks her handbag over the edge of the sofa and when that babe leans over to try to fetch it, David gets a clear view of her breathtaking bottom. Renee and Lacey then bow over the bed as well to help her find the handbag and as the 3 fantastic booties wiggle in front of him, David starts rubbing the front of his trousers. Watch what happens when Renee turns round and sees this – the three gals are raging that that fellow is perving at their bottoms. They decide to educate him a lesson and strip him naked before drubbing him and then taking turns to jack off his cock. Jools sits on his face so he can’t watch what the beauties are doing and as they play with his pecker, Renee catches the spunk in a glass. With David still wondering what has happened, they run out with the glass to acquire a DNA test done!

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