Football Match from PureCFNM

Tammie, Keisha and Kelly are watching their favorite team Liverpool playing Chelsea in an important soccer match. The gals leap for enjoyment as Liverpool score and they comment on how gracious some of the players are. Sadly for them, Chelsea score two quick goals and end up winning the game. The angels are devastated about their team losing but are even greater amount upset when Tammie’s boyfriend Jason, a lifelong Chelsea fan, bursts in with the entire team kit on and begins celebrating their success. The gals are so annoyed about his bad sportsmanship that they come to a conclusion to tear the football kit off him and train him a lesson. Watch how they disrobe him and then Tammie resolves to write Liverpool on his weenie in permanent marker. The girls begin masturbating his dick to acquire it bigger so they can write on his weenie. One time this chab is hard he begins enjoying the beauties hands on him and they suggest to make him cum if this stud admits that Chelsea are a rubbish soccer team. Jason doesn’t wanna say it but that man gives in and soon discharges a large pool of semen all over his belly as the Liverpool angels cheer and laugh at him.

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