Eve is visiting counsellor Pascha Knight because she has a problem – she is fearful of penises! Pascha says this woman can cure her and begins demonstrating how to skilfully grope a guy’s “lovestick” by using a bottle. As Eve gets comfortable with touching something long and slender, Pascha calls in her next client Michael to join ’em. He has a phobia with being outgoing and this chick makes him stip naked to help his treatment. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when seeing the naked guy gets Eve all sexually excited and when Pascha helps her conqueur her phobia and put her hands on the guy’s cock, this hottie finds out how good it feels. The two sweethearts take turns to masturbate it and Eve becomes very aroused as it grows stiffer and stiffer. Michael is obviously loving it as well as he has a giant explosion of cum covering the floor in front of them- much to Eve’s excitement!

Scared Of Rods from PureCFNM

After a brief therapy session with Pascha this silly girl is chomping at the bit to get her hands on guy’s rods. The females are taking command and boys are now merely their sexual playthings. Click here to see more episodes from PureCFNM where groups of glamorous ladies strip and milk, suck or fuck nude boys for their own satisfaction.

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