Robbed And Bound from PureCFNM

Jim is making a cup of tea at home when 2 masked theives burst in, tie him up and make off with his expensive new video camera. Not far away in the street, school tutor Sally is going door to door with three of her young ladies attempting to raise money for their school holiday. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as they discover Jim’s situation and come up with a plan of how they can use it for their own means. They ask him to give a large donation in their collecting jar in return for untying him – but he says he won’t be blackmailed. Sally attempts checking his trouser pockets and doesn’t find any cash but does discover a suspicious bulge! She decides to check it out and yanks his trousers and pants down in front of the laughing girls. The teacher demonstrates to the young ladies how to play with a boy’s dick and then they all take a go. Sally even raises Faye’s skirt up to reveal her shaven cunt and this sends Jim too far and this dude jizzes all over the gals hands.

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