Quiz Cheat from PureCFNM

Jordan has planned a fun quiz to entertain her friends this evening but the sole male in the group is determined not to be beaten! He stole her questions before the game started and has a cheat sheet tucked down his shirt. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the questions begin and he acts very cockily because he already has all the answers. Unfortunately Lola catches him cheating and the cuties all pounce on him. They are furious that he has cheated and start tugging at his clothes to find out if he has any other cheat sheets stashed anywhere. They soon have him out of his clothes and giggle at how small his weenie is but when they begin to jerk his knob it gets bigger and bigger and certainly impresses them! The touch of four chicks rapidly has him spunking all over the place and the hotties then grab their phones to take pics of him covered in cum – warning that they will upload them to the internet if he ever cheats again!

This male was supposed to be punished for not playing by the rules but when the four babes noticed how big his cock grew to they were more horny about seeing him shoot than teaching him a lesson. Hotties are obsessed with the male spunk fountain and regularly congregate in groups to force chaps to shoot for ’em. If you’ve a fun on seeing CFNM entertainment of this variety click here to head over to PureCFNM now to see loads more clips like this one.

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