Practise Makes Consummate from PureCFNM

Teen Jess has been taught a jerking and blowjob lesson but now must consummate her technique. Her dotty mum has kidnapped a poor boy and shackled him up in Jess’s wardrobe so she can practice whenever she wants. Jess drags him out the wardrobe and tugs his towel down and commences softly carressing his nude body and jerking off his cock. Watch the trailer here to see what happens as this chap is fully erect and mum Gilly comes in. She’s really excited with Jess’s improvement and when she leaves, Aunt Holly also drops by for a look and teaches Jess a amazing technique to cause the male spunk fountain – this babe puts elasticated gloves on and sticks her finger up his bum! Jess is taken aback when the dude has a huge orgasm soon afterwards and sticks him back into the wardrobe so she can practice this new skill again later!

Should we feel upset for this mate? Bound up and used as a sex toy of sexy young chick Jess West? Fuck No! We would swap positions with him in a second – especially with raunchy aunt Holly and mature hottie Gilly Sampson coming in to give his rod a stroke every so often – lucky bastard! It’s astonishing to think this dude is just an usual member of the PureCFNM site, not a porn actor. Click here to see how PureCFNM allow their own members to take part in their scenes!

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