Magic Show from PureCFNM

The Great Gilly’s newest illusion display is to saw a boy in half. This woman picks Kai from the audience and commands him to strip off. He’s very hesitant but this hottie explains that the illusion doesn’t work through fabrics. See what happens when he undresses and the females in the audience chuckle, especially as they notice his large weenie. Gilly chops him in 2 pieces and they are all wowed – except Karina who isn’t convinced the lower section is real. Gilly beckons her on stage to grab hold of the naked bottom half’s cock and Karina soon forgets where she is as this babe jerks the ramrod to an erection. However the only method to really prove the 2 sections belong to the same chap are to make the cock cum and as she pumps it Kai’s face shows the joy as this dude cums on the floor to the wonder of the watching female audience!

Think what it must be like being pulled on stage before a dozen ladies and made to strip nude and let ’em stare at your most private parts? It could be humiliating to start with, but what a buzz! All those girls’ eyes fixed on your penis, watching its every movement until you lose control and erupt in front of a group of honeys you haven’t ever met! Click here to watch more films like this from PureCFNM now!

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