Padded Cell from PureCFNM

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After getting undressed and milked by the beauties in the netball team, school teacher Ron’s life has been on a downward spiral and this guy has ended up in a padded cell. Sadly for him, the female doctors believe it was him who forced himself on the schoolgirls, not the other way around and they are plan to make him wish that stud has not at any time gone near them. Handcuffed up in his str8 jacket he’s feeble to stop them when they enter his padded cell and take his trousers and panties off. They giggle and push at his cock with their fingers and decide to take turns to jack off him off. Watch the trailer here to watch what happens when they going to get him all lustful and fully vertical and then leave him like that – unable to finish jerking off himself off. As they masturbate his 10-Pounder, Harmony stands above him and that guy sees up her short petticoat as she lowers herself onto his chest. It all proves likewise much and this chab ejaculates all over the place, foiling the doctors plans to leave him unfulfilled!

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