Barry is enjoying a walk in the recent air when all of a sudden, a van pulls up and 2 females leap out and bundle him into the back. They drive him into the countryside and stop in advance of taking all his garments off. Watch what occurs when Barry tries to prevent ’em and questions them about what’s happening and the girls inform him this chab is on the CFNM Journey Van. Any fellows on board get to be fully stripped at all times – and with that they yank down his pants and look at his knob. The nonplussed guy is manhandled onto the bed and soon has both sweethearts groping his dick and balls. His resistance comes to a halt and this chap sits there and enjoys it, soon shooting across their hands in advance of they kick him out naked!

Unfortunate lad was solely out for a walk and he acquires taken hostage, stripped and wanked dry – merely for the pleasure of 2 lust-filled youthful ladies who wanted some fun. Hang on! This chap is not unfortunate – he’s the luckiest guy in the world. I’m not writing anything else . . I’m off to PureCFNM to have a fun a stroke over more of their sexually excited CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH films like this one.

CFNM Trip Bus from PureCFNM

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