Who's Watching? from PureCFNM

Kai has the hots for Karina and following a drunken evening where this hottie has sex with him, he will do everything to be inside her again. Karina doesn’t share the feelings though and wants to play a trick on him instead. This hottie explains to him she will sleep with him again but on the condition that he agrees to an unusual request – this boy-friend has to take all his lingerie off and allow her to jerk off and suck him in front of an audience of hotties. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when this stud is blindfolded and assured that this dude doesn’t know any of the females. He’s still extremely abused as this fella is led in totally nude to whistles and cheers from the women. This fella sits there and allows Karina to wank and suck his weenie as the ladies giggle away. It doesn’t take long before he is ready to ejaculate – hitting some of the sweethearts shoes as he jizzes all over the place. But when the blindfold is pulled off he sees some girls this man knows, all with their camera phones out!

Unlucky man got himself into an embarrassing situation because this guy fancied a hottie, but this woman only used him as entertainment and to get some blackmail material on him. Imagine a load of angels you know, plotting to spy on you naked and being milked – and snapping pictures of it all to blackmail you with! How degrading – and how sexually excited! Click here to watch more scenes like this from PureCFNM now.

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