Lost Bet from PureCFNM

Pete has lost a bet with Chloe and against his will walks into her bedroom to carry out his penalty. His payment is that he’s forced to remove all his lingerie and wank while she looks on. Unknown to him, Chloe strongly fancies him and has been dreaming about this moment for ages. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as as he takes his clothes off and she feels his chest and pats the tent in his pants. This babe appears over the moon when his penis springs into view and she moves him onto the bed next to her and instructs him to stroke. This guy is really shy but quickly becomes hard and Chloe is so turned on that this woman asks if this babe can have a go herself. As this sweetheart places her hand round his nice dick the two both get really horny and are soon giving a kiss passionately. The kiss sends Pete over the edge and he spunks in a lovely jizz flow which makes Chloe desperate to screw him next time!

This mischievous chick hatched a plan to get the boy this woman wanted into a compromising scenario and he fell for it. When this babe started tonguing him he lost control – even though this stud was naked and she was fully clothed! PureCFNM certainly is the master of producing those sort of everyday CFNM situations where the chicks get what they want – an exposed boy and a lot of cum! Click this link to see more of their movie scenes now.

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