Mouth To Mouth from PureCFNM

Four cuties are eyeing up the new pool attendant at the swimming club. They are talking about how fit this guy is and imagining how strong his weenie is when MILF Wendy smirks and boasts that when she was younger she would have had him eating out of her hand by now. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when Syren interprets that as a challenge and walks over to him and pretends to feint. The lifeguard jumps up and begins giving her mouth to mouth but is then gob smacked when he senses Syren’s hand fondling the bulge in his shorts. The other babes have joined them and this guy senses something is going on when Syren won’t remove her hand from his penis. The babes start stripping the confused pool boy but this man quickly lets ’em carry on when they take turns to jerk his erect weenie. Syren thinks his erection looks admirable and places her mouth over it and gives him an unbelievable blowjob until he cums all over her face!

This lucky git might not have realized what was happening but he clearly liked being stripped, wanked and sucked by four beautiful hotties. He wasn’t given a choice about taking his clothes off – you see, the ladies are in charge at PureCFNM and if they want you to be exposed then you don’t have a say in it. Click here to see more daily situations in which our beauties have fun at the expense of poor, helpless boy-friends.

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