Pure CFNM- great scenes like this where the honeys are in charge and disrobe guys and use them as their sexual toys.

Erotic Dancers Keisha, Yazmin, Anaya and Tilly are hanging around the bar as their club is quite quiet tonight. One of the dancers makes a remark and Keisha says it’s quite clear that this babe is the superlatively wonderful dancer out of the lot of ’em. The other girls don’t accede though and an argument follows in which they all claim to be the majority awesome dancer in the club. To settle it, Keisha makes a decision that they will all need to dance for the next lad that comes in and that stud can pick who is the superlatively fine. When Dave walks in moments later he’s pounced upon by the gals and can’t make no doubt of his luck when they offer him four free dances! Watch what happens as he takes his seat and one by one the dancers begin stripping off and gyrating on his lap, each trying to convince him that she’s the best. After they have all had a go the gals realise this chab isn’t able to come to a conclusion and resolve to see his reaction themselves – they begin stripping him exposed against his will so they can watch the reaction their dancing has on his wang! Dave tries to stop them but is in a short time sitting there naked with each gal trying to play with his rod and convince him she’s the sexiest. The four of ’em take turns stroking his weenie and even do it all at the same time when they think he’s intend to jizz. When Dave does ejaculate, it’s Tilly’s hands that do it but the others quickly dive in and try to receive the goo on their hands as well so they can claim they were involved. Tilly claims victory though as the girls send Dave out, telling him this chab has to pay next time.

Who's The Most admirable Dancer from PureCFNM

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