Dry Cleaners from PureCFNM

Tony has got a cum stain on his trousers and tip toes into the dry cleaners, attempting to be gone before anyone asks him about it. Unfortunately Girl serves him and smells and even tastes the mark to see the best way to remove it. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as Tony looks on extremely embarrassed, a lady he has fancied forages, Chantelle, walks in. Ex-girlfriend Michelle and also his hairdresser Stacey then enter the shop as well and all the angels start attempting to find what the stain is. When they finally discover out that its cream they are really angry and take all Tony’s clothes off to examine the origin of the stain. They each have a go to work out his dick and Chantelle thinks it looks so worthy that this chick gives him an oral sex before forcing him to screw her across the counter. The other women push him in and out of Chantelle’s cunt until this man pulls out and spunks all over her bum!

This fellow was very embarrassed about the sperm mark in his panties but when this stud was discovered out by four sweethearts he got a outstanding surprise – being forced to screw the stunning Chantelle! Looking at the way this stud came all over her, he clearly loved every minute of it – despite the fact the hotties were in charge and were using him as their own sex toy. If you get off watching gangs of chicks strip studs and then use their ramrod and balls for their own pleasure, click here now to see more movie scenes like this from PurCFNM.

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