Milking Chair from PureCFNM

2 hotties, sick of their boyfriends’ antics, are visiting Karina’s institute for training males today. Karina informs ’em she has some out of the usual methods and then gives ’em a journey to demonstrate. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place when the first room they find is called Stage One where inside teacher Paige has a new fellow chained to her “milking chair”. As Paige plays with the defenseless boy’s ramrod, Karina explains that boys are like animals and that draining their scrotum makes ’em more docile and manageable. She encourages the unsure sweethearts to have a play and soon all four ladies are taking turns to masturbate the guy’s weenie until he explodes all over the place. As they leave to continue their journey, Paige tells the poor man that this sweetheart will return in 20 minutes to milk him again!

Is it heaven or hell? To be chained to a chair and stroked by breathtaking honeys time and time again? By the way this guy had a huge orgasm he obviously got off on it! Click this link to see more scenes like this from PureCFNM – where the honeys are in control and if they wish to see you naked men – they will!

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