Want A Lift? from PureCFNM

If I changed places with this guy I would have forgotten about my collision and stayed on the Winnebago for the rest of the morning. “Do whatsoever u like to me ladies, I’m not going nowhere” I’d have told ’em. This guy actually is a lucky git being forced to undress in front of three hotties so they can every suck him off. If this type of unusual porn acquires u off you will discover hundreds greater amount like it at PureCFNM – the worldwide front runner in real life CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH videos.

Paul’s bike has conked out on his way to London for a crucial meeting. When 3 females pull over in their camper van and offer a lift he grabs the offer. They provide him a shower as they are driving along but as that chap re-emerges clad in just a towel they notice a quick peek at his biggest 10-Pounder and their eyes widen! Watch what happens as they vigour him to drop the towel or they will refuse to take him to his appointment. As pretty soon as he is in nature’s garb they pounce on his 10-Pounder, groping and jerking it to a massive stiffie previous to taking it in turns to engulf it. When they all team up to suck his cock in unison it becomes too much and he explodes all over Barbie’s whoppers!

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