Victim Of Crime from PureCFNM

Christian is at the interview room after having his money stolen. But, the female officers can’t get their heads round how a cutie was able to get the better of such a big guy. As they probe him more it emerges that the thief was actually a prostitute and this woman had stolen from him while this chap was in a state of undress. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when the officers decide to re-enact the scene with WPC Scarlett as the escort. She undresses him and then begins playing with his rod, just like the suspect did. He tells ’em that the robber then gave him a blowjob – so WPC Scarlett lowers her head over his ramrod, while removing the cash from his trousers! Now they have established how the act was carried out, the policewomen now require a DNA sample to check with the local working angels so they all jerk off and suck his dong until he cums all over Scarlett’s lips!

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