Geeks In Love from PureCFNM

College nerd James is revising for a project in the computer lab when Cherry comes in. This babe has a giant soft spot for him and wants to kiss him but as the mean popular gals burst in they are only out to bully James. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when they bully him about his haircut and when Cherry leaps to his defence the hot girls laugh about ’em being in love. They join forces together and start tugging James’s trousers off to properly embarrass him and, ignoring his protests, he’s soon completely exposed! Cherry isn’t sure whether to be annoyed or happy as this hottie finally manages to see her crush’s dong but the other chicks soon take hold of it and start playing with it. They take turns to wank it and comment on what a stylish size it has become. Finally Cherry snatches it off them so she can have a feel herself and James soon cums all over her giant bumpers!

At first James wasn’t having fun as the gang of chicks pantsed and embarrassed him. But as they all had a go to masturbate his rod this dude got more and more excited until he jizzed over Cherry’s love melons, the lucky bastard! This dude didn’t have a option about being pantsed and played with as there were too many babes to stop them. If you like watching boys stripped and milked by gangs of horny women, click this link to see more from PureCFNM now.

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