Steam Room Flash from PureCFNM

Four babes are relaxing in the steam room when the door opens and a stud comes in. It’s usually only females in the steam room and they seem a bit annoyed at his appearance, wearing only a towel. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when they carry on chit chatting to each other and Yazmin’s robe inadvertently slips open and shows off her big bumpers. The unfortunate guy can not help but see ’em and as this fellow stares this stud begins to get horny. Yasmin covers up but the beauties are now angry that he spyed on her and became hard as a result. They start calling him a pervert and pull his towel away so he can see how he likes it. They are all shocked when they set eyes on his marvelous erect weenie but it looks really stylish and shortly they can’t help but have a touch themselves. This only gets him more erect and as the girls gather round and each have a go to jerk his weenie, this dude soon has a giant explosion that goes everywhere!

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