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Innocent Apprentice Is Hazed By His Female Co Workers

Written on March 14, 2015 at 12:59 pm, by

Rob is on the final day of his apprenticeship when he’s informed that the firm has a strange “completion” ritual for their raw recruits – this chab has to work without any clothing on the final day! Watch the example movie here to view what occurs when he nervously undresses watched by his female colleagues and then branch manager Lissa tells him to pose for his ID photo! The sight of his jock rapidly has the lady secretaries greatly aroused and they begin playing with his penis in advance of Charlie shoves it betwixt her lips and sucks him until he shoots on her face!

The Apprentice from PureCFNM

There’s no thing sexier than a woman in office clothing sucking a cock. The idea that these 2 babes devised the whole plan just to use and humiliate this poor male is even hornier. Click here to watch more hawt CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH vids from PureCFNM now.

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Ladies Feel Sorry For Charity Defiance Martyr So They Blow Him!

Written on February 24, 2015 at 4:44 pm, by

Steve has been put forward for the Ice Bucket Challenge and his three lady buddies are despairing to tip the freezing water on his head. View what takes place as it soaks him they explode with laughter but quickly notice that that man is dangerously cold. They help him out of his dripping outfit and wrap towels around him in advance of rubbing him with their palms to dry him off – rubbing the swelling mound in his groin as they do so. Noticing the erection, the females choose to remove the towel and grab hold of his pecker, each having a go to smack it until this fellow erupts everywhere for their viewing pleasure!

Ice Bucket Challenge from PureCFNM

A classic sample of pain and pleasure. This chab underwent the hardship of being freezing cold so as to acquire the pleasure of three angels licking his wang. I am sure I would not have survived 2 minutes with those 3 babes!

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Popcorn Joke Ends In A Gang Irrumation For Fortunate Boy!

Written on February 13, 2015 at 12:09 pm, by

Popcorn Surprise from PureCFNM

Comedian Jamie believes it will be amusing to stick his shlong through the bottom of a popcorn box as the angels are munching out of it. They munch away oblivious until their fingers reach to the bottom and then they cry out in shock! See what takes place when the females don’t find it is amusing having sampled his pecker covered popcorn and elect to train him a lesson. They make him receive up and disrobe so they can make fun of him but when they spot his pecker they have a enjoyment it so much that they end up all tasting it until this chab ejaculates in their faces!

It was an amusing prank that went wrong but then gave him the greatest trophy of all – a triple oral sex! OMG, I’d thrust my penis into any sort of pleasing products to enjoy that! Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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Selfish Stepdaughter Jacks Off Boy To Prevent Her Mother Having A Baby

Written on February 6, 2015 at 8:00 pm, by

As soon as Georgie tells her only child Chloe that that babe wants to have a child with her fresh paramour, Chloe is disgusted at the thought. She wants to be the lone offspring and the center of their love so this babe calls in the assistance of her two allies and the three of ‘em pay Georgie’s boyfriend a visit. Watch what takes place as they strip him. They then tell him that whenever he’s feeling aroused this chab has to unload his testicles into their face holes – NOT Georgie’s slit. As they each have a go to drink his ramrod, Georgie surprises ‘em and is horrified as Steve fills Candi’s face with ball cream as this babe looks on!

This fellow may be in trouble for being unfaithful to his other half but surely it was worth it! To have these stunners blowing my 10-Pounder, I guess I’d risk almost everything. Acquire over here for greater amount uber lascivious CFNM videos from PureCFNM now.

Selfish Stepdaughter from PureCFNM

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Chamber Cleaners Walk In On Nude Dude Chained To Ottoman And Milk His nuts

Written on January 31, 2015 at 3:25 am, by

When chamber maid Sienna walks in on a guest chained stripped to the hotel bed this babe rushes to beckon her superiors. The guest tells supervisor Angel that a prostitute bound him up then ran off with his cash – after that man had taken a male virility pill! Take a look at the trailer here to watch what occurs as Beauty comes to a conclusion the ladies get to take care of their guest’s blue testicles during the time that they are expecting for the locksmith. They take turns to milk and drink his huge jock until he jizzes in Angel’s face. They then leave Sienna to keep him company, but that babe hikes her uniform up and tells him this babe is gonna have round 2 on his still vertical Viagra 10-Pounder!

Is this dude in paradise or hell? That stud gets blown by four hawt girls and then after this chab has blown his wad, a hawt golden-haired takes off her panties and jumps on top of him for some other go – without a break! I’m still sure I could go along with that . . click this link for more from PureCFNM now.

Chained Up Guest from PureCFNM

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Ladies Engulf Off A Salesman To Find out If His Product Can Acquire Goo Marks Out

Written on January 17, 2015 at 2:35 pm, by

A salesman is demonstrating the features of a revolutionary new detergent. This chab is boasting about all the stains it can get out but is embarrassed as pretty soon as the cuties ask him if it’s able to acquire out cum. As gals of the world they often give blowjobs and regularly find cum on their skirts and shirts. Watch what occurs when Tony explains that this man isn’t sure and the assured females decide to check it themselves. They leap on him and rip his pants off before taking turns to jerk off and blow his schlong until this fellow jizzes across his own clothing! “Now we can check out if your new product is able to acquire that mark out,” they laugh!

Washing Powder Tests from PureCFNM

This unlucky guy was simply attempting to eke out a living when three lusty housewives jumped on him, undressed him and sucked his ramrod. I am sure u need to feel very sorry for him. There’s loads of unfortunate lads over at PureCFNM being coercive to submit to wicked acts by groups of chicks – click here to watch more now.

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Babestation Beth Craves Photographer To Strip And Play With Himself Whilst She Watches

Written on January 10, 2015 at 9:58 pm, by

Pretty Beth has decided that babe was quite hard on the over-excited photographer last time they met. View what takes place as that babe is back for her next discharge. On this occasion she even asks him to lower his pants for her and let her watch his throbbing penis. That babe enjoys the way it twitches every time that babe discards an item of garments and she torments him using her flawless physique so the poor stud is bursting for an large O. Seeing her naked cookie has him pulsating and after getting dressed, this babe eventually allows him to cum in front of her. She is hopeless to see him climax again so this babe uses impure words and urges him on until this babe witnesses her explosion!

Beth is indeed nice-looking and seriously can’t live out of seeing a naked man stroking his cock. I’d drop my pants for her in a second and allow her to watch my most private of acts – shooting my load! Click here to view greater amount from Beth at PureCFNM.

Flattering Erection from PureCFNM

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Wicked Dream Puts Nude Man In Trouble With Girlfriend

Written on January 4, 2015 at 5:41 am, by

Dreaming Of Tasha from PureCFNM

Steve falls asleep fantasizing of his wife’s most outstanding friend Tasha. This chab thinks about her in his fantasy stripping bare and walking towards him – just as his girlfriend shakes him awake! Watch what takes place as this babe is raging having listened to him whispering Tasha’s name while jacking off. As that babe tells him off, Brooklyn and Tasha resolve to fondle his shlong and it becomes upright afresh. Amber is shocked but assents to permit ‘em to have a fondle with it previous to sucking it herself. Having the breathtaking Tasha so close to him as this man acquires a oral-job makes him jism very quickly and the females all chuckle as that guy spunks everywhere!

What a worthwhile Clothed Female Exposed Male film. We are treated to the breathtaking Tasha stripped at the beginning of it as the chap is dreaming, then we are treated to the CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH act as the honeys jerk off and engulf him to agonorgasmos. There’s greater quantity from PureCFNM here.

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Ladies Receive Drunk And Gamble On Bare Boys’ Erections

Written on December 28, 2014 at 1:22 pm, by

Cock Betting from PureCFNM

If these sweethearts ever need a male volunteer for some other of their boozy nights then give me a ring. I guess I’d last about the same time as the first boy though with those chicks jerking off and blowing my weenie. Receive in to see more lewd CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH films from PureCFNM now.

A group of females are enjoying a drunken evening in and Beth has planned a hardly any games for them. The five females laugh as 2 undressed lads are led in restrained and gagged. Watch what occurs as Beth tells ‘em that they should bet on which of them discharges his ball cream first from being jerked off. The ladies elect their man but when the contest starts they burst out laughing as lad A explodes within 30 seconds! For game 2, will fellow B survive five minutes with 2 women sucking his weenie? Once greater quantity wagers are placed but with two expert dong milkers on his penis, the defenseless stud has no way of winning and quickly jizzes in Nesty’s face hole to applause and laughter!

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Three Honeys Interrupt Man Masturbating With Headphones On

Written on December 19, 2014 at 3:17 pm, by

James is preparing himself for a wank in his room and desires to close himself off with his thoughts so that chap wears some headphones and covers his eyes. Because of this this man doesn’t hear Bluebell come in and find him absolutely nude – or her hurry off to fetch her friends. The 3 angels think it’s exceedingly funny that they are seeing him jacking off and they grab their mobiles to take photos of the pont of time. See what takes place as they then surprise him and that guy is very embarrassed. When they kneel on the floor and give him a team cook jerking this fellow in a short time ignores his embarrassment and erupts into their hands!

I actually liked the bit in this scene where the angels get out their mobiles and record him masturbating. It’s very hot to watch beauties so turned on about videoing an nude fellow. Their reward was a enjoyable large cock juice flow.

Blindfold Jerk off Show from PureCFNM

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