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Wealthy Socialites Use Male Butler For Their Vicious Entertainment

Written on April 22, 2016 at 11:47 am, by

U can’t criticise this stud for spunking so fast. If those three sweethearts nude me nude and ran their hands all over my schlong, I’d empty my balls in no time at all as well. I got off on their faces as he spunked so quickly – they really were not expecting it at all – very sexy and amusing at the same time! Click here for more like this.

Rich bitch Mia has just hired a recent man assistant to look after her needs whilst her other half is at the office. Introducing him in front of her two young allies, that babe chooses to put him on display and tells him to take all his garments off in front of them. View what takes place when the women are surprised at how erect he is the moment his underclothes come off. As they start putting their fingers all over his wang, that guy begins to fuck their hands until this chab amazes ’em all and unloads a big jism fountain onto the coffee table!

Starring Mia Makepeace, Kirsty Travis and Louisa Moon
Man Servant from PureCFNM

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College Angels Watch Their Colleague Have a pleasure Her 1st Interracial Pecker

Written on April 15, 2016 at 7:27 pm, by

When temp teacher Antonio enters the school classroom, marvelous student Kiki is overcome with shock. This babe had to leave her final college after an inappropriate incident with the exact same professor! Watch what happens as this babe informs her classmates about how heavy his huge black cock is and they convince her to ask him about it. The teacher is shocked but when the hotties say they will inform the head what this chap did with Kiki, that fellow takes all his clothing off for ’em. Their blameless eyes look stunned when they see his big dark dick and Kiki and Tasha then jerk and blow him until he shoots all over her dress!

First Darksome Pecker from PureCFNM
Featuring: Tasha Holz, Kiki Minaj, Jade Louise, Klara Belle, Chloe Berry

Five gorgeous college chicks watch you strip off and then have your dick sucked . . no wonder this fortunate teacher blew his huge black cock juice all over one of the student’s skirts. If u like dream CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH episodes like this, click this link to check out PureCFNM now, the home of CFNM.

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Female Sells Tickets To CFNM Show To Her Pals Then Makes Husband Flash His Rod To Them!

Written on April 9, 2016 at 3:13 am, by

Chantelle wishes to make some supplementary money by pimping out her husband’s jock and this babe sets up a CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH show and suggests tickets to interested babes. She merely tells boyfriend Ricky that she wishes an additional lady to join them in the bedroom but as soon as he disrobes off, woman after woman walks throughout the door wielding a ticket.View what occurs as he goes to complain but Chantelle covers his face hole and urges 20-year-old Emma to engulf his schlong to keep him quiet. It’s not lengthy previous to he’s spunking his load everywhere as the females takes photos of it on their mobiles!

Selling Tickets from PureCFNM
Featuring: Emma Louisee, Chantelle Fox, Eva Johnson, Kimi Sujali and Saskia Thomas

If any angel wishes to rent me out so a pack of ladies can watch my hard on then I’m game for a laugh! Fortunate bastard having a girlfriend who desires to show him off to all her pals. This surely would be a dream come true! Thanks anew PureCFNM.

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Gang Of Sexually excited Honeys Pull Man’s Trousers Down And Give Him A Oral-service To Take Care Of His Full Testicles

Written on April 2, 2016 at 10:58 am, by

Featuring: Tina Kay, Valentina Bianco and Chessie Kay
Blue Ball Relief from PureCFNM

I desire I had some lady pals like these! Talk about allies with benefits. Three chicks sharing your shlong and pleading with you to unload your jizz everywhere. Fucking sexy stuff from PureCFNM as usual!

When depressed Justin explains to 3 female buddies that his fiancee enjoys playing mind games and hasn’t enabled him to ejaculate in two weeks, they grow truly anxious. Take a look at the example video  to view what takes place as they explain to him that it’s unhealthy to get bad blue nuts and that it’s crucial they relieve him. This chab is afraid to be unfaithful to his other half but the three females won’t take no for an answer, tearing his garments off and leaping on his cock. As each of them have a go to suck and jerk off  his dick, this dude pretty soon shoots two weeks’ worth of sperm as they look on laughing!

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Sweethearts Make Fun Of Young Lad Getting A Stiffie During Film And Then Jerk off Him Off

Written on March 26, 2016 at 6:36 pm, by

Billy and Taylor are enjoying a movie scene jointly when the content suddenly acquires a bit hot. With a bare girl on screen and a breathtaking golden-haired on the daybed with him, the naive chap gets a boner. Two female friends come in behind them and notice the tent in his pants and can’t stop themselves from making pleasure of him. Watch what takes place as Taylor sees what has taken place and wishes to find out just how massive an effect this babe gave him. The hotties pull his panties down and begin masturbating the throbbing juvenile schlong. It is not lengthy before the naive stud jets out a large stream of sex cream all over the place for them.

Movie Boner from PureCFNM

Featuring: Hannah Shaw, Taylor Shay, Ashley Rider

It is a indeed lustful situation for three women to be making joy of an accidental boner. The defenseless boy could not control his own wang but these women clearly did! I loved the manner in which they appeared to be to indeed get turned on by emptying his nuts. Receive in for more from PureCFNM now.

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Sex-Crazed Gals Undress And Jerk off Their Father’s Best Pal

Written on March 20, 2016 at 2:16 am, by

Dad's Superlatively fine Friend from PureCFNM
Featuring Alessa Savage, Louisa Moon and Kirsty Travis

It’s each older man’s dream – to get three sexy young sweethearts stroking his schlong, hell bent on making him cock juice everywhere. Actually concupiscent incest clip from PureCFNM, the global leaders in the CLOTHED FEMALE NAKED MALE FETISH niche.

Alessa’s father has permitted his superlatively precious friend to stay with them for a bit since he’s going through a hard time. The ladies are in the lounge when Joe finishes his bathroom and comes  in wearing just a robe. As that chap takes a seat to leaf through a newspaper, the gown opens a bit, enabling the chicks to clearly see his rod! See what takes place as they laugh and look at it for a long time before informing him what has happened. They threaten to inform Alessa’s father unless he lets them see his shlong a second time. The young sweethearts then take turns jerk off with their recent toy until this chab ejaculates a biggest jet of goo all over himself.

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Sexual Girls Can not Expect To Discover out What Is Underneath A Scotsman’s Kilt

Written on March 13, 2016 at 9:51 am, by

Starring Taylor Shay, Carmel Anderson and Julia De Lucia
True Scotsman from PureCFNM

The ladies are all looking like country maids with sexy frilly dresses in preparation for the fancy costume party. When Dave turns up to pick ’em up in his tartan outfit they all wish to watch what he’s wearing under his kilt. Take a look at the example clip here to view what takes place when that dude tells them he’s a “real Scot” but they make a decision to try to find themselves. They look under his kilt and laugh when they watch this chab has no underclothes but are then taken aback as they spot that that dude has a very big cock. They lift up his kilt and aid themselves to his jock, all three of ’em engulfing it until they make him ejaculate in Carmel’s cupped hands. I love the way those 3 honeys disregard the stud’s protests and simply hike up his kilt and assist themselves to their target – his rod! Jerking off him into their hands so they could study his cock juice is a finale I haven’t witnessed previous to in a porn film – receive inside for more interesting CFNM from PureCFNM.

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Slumber Party Hotties Catch Chap Masturbating And Blow His nuts Empty

Written on March 4, 2016 at 12:09 pm, by

Three stunning females enjoying CFNM in silky satin negligees – can it receive any hotter than that? It’s no surprise this stud had a biggest agonorgasmos with his step sister seeing it all as well! Receive inside for greater amount lascivious stuff from PureCFNM now.

Three beauties are holding a slumber party. When Carla goes to borrow a lighter from her flatmate’s bedroom that babe finds him jerking off to a porn mag. The ladies think this is hysterical and yank the blanket off his ottoman so this dude can not hide. See what happens when they yank his hands apart and make pleasure of the fact he is exposed previous to taking turns to jerk off his schlong. They even force Carla to receive her hands on his unbending cock. When Amirah and Lu give him a team oral the defenseless stud can’t hold back any longer and shoots all over himself as the women laugh their heads off!

Starring Starring Amirah Adara, Carla Mai, Lu Elissa

Slumber Party Shock from PureCFNM

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School Beauties Enjoy Their First CFNM Pecker In Biology Lesson

Written on February 26, 2016 at 7:48 pm, by

2 school pupils are being told off for flunking their human anatomy course. Their professor is at a loss of what to do next and chooses to show ’em the real thing to aid ’em to work out the male genitalia. Watch what happens as this stud drops his trousers and the girls watch in surprise as they set eyes on their first ramrod! Amazement pretty soon becomes intrigue though and the sweethearts edge nearer and start playing with the penis which quickly stiffens. They take turns to taste it and are surprised when it discharges creamy jism all over Kirsty’s face!

2 innocent juvenile chicks and a naked chap – simply the ideal situation for a CFNM fan. Their thrill and curiosity about the pulsating penis in front of ’em is very exciting. Especially when they begin wanking and engulfing him until it takes ’em by surprise with a cum load in the face – incredible stuff from PureCFNM.

Vintage Teaching from PureCFNM

Starring Louisa Moon and Kirsty Travis

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Sorority Babes Suck Off Fresh Recruit’s Boyfriend While She Watches Helpless

Written on February 20, 2016 at 3:26 am, by

Sorority Dating from PureCFNM

Starring Beth, Stella Cox and Sabrina Jay

This clip is so hawt – getting undressed and sucked off by 2 pretty beauties, as your other half stares helpless to stop them. Poor stud simply couldn’t keep a lid on his agonorgasmos, hopefully she went simple on him afterwards! Beth is despairing to acquire into the sorority but is slightly anxious when the acceptance board of Stella and Sabrina demand that that babe escorts her boyfriend with her for “approval”. When the 2 sorority cuties vigour him to take his raiment off in front of them Beth can’t deny ’em.See what happens when she then watches helpless as the two whores blow her boyfriend in front of her. As in a short time as this chab blows his sex cream all over the table Beth becomes violent at him and pulls him out by the ear!

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